Principal's Message

True education rests in being a student of life.

‘When you walk out of a classroom, think not of the homework that you carry back home. Or the red crosses and the blue ticks marking the pages of your notebook. Think of the new knowledge you gained that day. In whatever form it may have been in.’

This is what I say to every child at MNR World School. Find your own way through education. We are here to engage your mind and tutor you on how to make the most efficient use of it. Each child comes with their own unique kind of intelligence, so each one has their own learning process. We teach our children here to understand their own capabilities and give their very best to every task at hand.

Our goal is to create bright minds capable of initiating change in the ever-evolving world out there, to make it a better place than what was handed out to them.

We the educators here welcome you to come and explore the potential of your child to its fullest, in a safe and growth conducive environment.

Sri. Mohankumar

Principal, MNR World School


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