Chairman's Message

Sri. Nanja Reddy N

Founder, Managing Director MNR World School

VP Manjula Education Trust

At the MNR World School everything stems from our students. Right from the physical architecture of our school, the calibre of our educators, the curriculum design, the academic structure, to all the facilities available on campus, all of this has been calibrated to the needs of our children.

We expend efforts continually to create an evolving and dynamic education module for our students. This includes the best educational practices from around the world, to build purposeful and effective learning programs.

A seamless integration of the MNR curriculum, culture, assessment and the methods of instruction, challenge and engage our young minds at every juncture in their academic journey.

Our students are mindful of their surroundings, their elders, and peers. They are respectful of the needs of others and exhibit confidence while dealing with diverse situations and challenges.

We believe that to truly engage a child and nurture wholesome progress, it is vital that the parents be involved in the process. To this end we encourage the parent community at MNR World School to actively participate is helping us develop an enriching schooling experience for their wards.

It would be our pleasure to build this community with progressive educators, mindful parents, and students, who will carry forth the MNR World School way of education.


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MNR World School
#77/112, Mylasandra,
Begur – Koppa Main Road,
Phone: +91 96069 32131